$HEEHEE CA: 9dLuVbJMd4ZpTpFgmaFHAGSsFwVjtcnzFWaLAA1expHg

$HEEHEE is a community based cryptocurrency on the Solana network that blends the power of pop-culture with gaming and blockchain technology. It is a crypto dedicated to the greatest musician of all-time, the greatest video game of all-time, and the greatest nextbot in the greatest video game of all time.

If you’re not familiar with any of this, do yourself a favor. Check out the GModVideos channel on YouTube and watch some of their nextbot chase shorts. You’ll be in for a thrill.

$HEEHEE was originally launched on pump.fun, which guarantees that this is a 100% fair launched cryptocurrency with ZERO team allocation, and no pre-sale. This is 100% rug proof. For more information, join our Telegram Group, and follow us on X.

Questions, Comments, Concerns? Email axes.of.steel@gmail.com

Contract Address: 9dLuVbJMd4ZpTpFgmaFHAGSsFwVjtcnzFWaLAA1expHg